The Introduction Session

Let’s walk through a very important session, The Introduction.


Developing community guidelines or rules within the group is crucial to holding a safe, trusting and healthy learning environment for all Participants. Allowing the Participants to create their own rules conveys the expectation that the group will operate as a community and makes them more willing to abide by them. Make your expectations clear. Before beginning the program, decide what will be cause for disciplinary action. Consider the following questions before meeting with your group:  

1.    Will you tolerate Participants talking out of turn?

2.    How will you respond to verbal or physical altercations in the Project ROOTS space?

Length of Activity: 60 minutes

What to Expect:

Be prepared to answer many questions. Keep in mind that there may be many Participants who have never been a part of a program like Project ROOTS. Not all program Participants will immediately feel comfortable with the group or you; therefore, it is important to be understanding of everyone, by allowing them to share and join the discussion as they feel comfortable.