Icebreaker Activities 


Bubble Pop:

This game is messy and is best if played outside! Picnic tables or a grassy area are an ideal setting for this game. Each Participant will sit in front of a paper plate topped with whipped cream with their hands behind their back. (Please be mindful as this could potentially trigger a child and if so modify the activity accordingly i.e. asking Participants to simply keep their hands on their sides). Under the whipped cream there will be a hidden piece of unwrapped bubble gum. Participants will race to find the bubble gum and compete to be the first to blow their piece of gum into a bubble. For a group of about 20, you will need at least three bottles of whipped cream.

Cold Potato: 

This game is great outside on a hot day! Ask Participants to sit in a circle as music is playing. Have multiple ice cubes ready. As the music starts, prompt Participants to pass the ice cube around in the circle. When the music stops, the Participant left holding the ice cube is out. The final person not holding the ice cube wins.

Famous People:

Use markers and paper to write the names of famous people, each sheet of paper should have a different name. Write as many names as there are Participants. Discreetly, tape the name of the famous person on the back of each Participant, making sure the Participant does not see the name. Have Participants partner up and describe to each other the famous person on their back through acting, impersonating, or by using key words. You can also have the Participant come up to the front of the group one-by-one and have the whole group describe the person.  (You can modify this activity by changing the category i.e. movies, animals, sports, etc.)

Human Bingo:

On pre-made bingo sheets, each square will contain generic information that could apply to the Participants within the group. For example, one square might contain the statement, I wear glasses, or I have two siblings. Participants then must go around the room asking each Participant questions about themselves to find a Participant who fits into each description or statement (square). The first Participant to get a straight or diagonal line filled with a different name to make each square true, wins.