Understanding Privilege

Activity 49: Stop, Look Back, and Pass the Mic (45-60 minutes)

Activity 50: Stop, Look Back, and Pass the Mic (12+) (60-90 minutes)

Activity 51: Acknowledging My Privilege (60-90 minutes)

Human Trafficking

Sex Trafficking

Activity 52: Pinocchio and Cinderella-Labor Trafficking (60 minutes)

Activity 53: Walk in My Shoes (60 minutes)

Activity 54: Pimps and Hos (30 minutes)

Activity 55: Who are the Victims? (12+) (60-90 minutes)

Activity 56: The Words We Use (12+) (60 minutes)


Gender Roles & Stereotypes

Project ROOTS has documented benefits of same-sex groups with Facilitators of the same sex who serve as “gender-equitable role models.” To achieve greater, community-level results, a site should simultaneously implement two same-sex Project ROOTS groups, one for youth who identify as boys and one for girls. It is critical to the program that each identified group has a separate and safe space where they may openly engage in discussion and learning. After sharing their experience in same-sex groups, Facilitators may then pair to facilitate the joint activities in section 4 of the toolkit; thereby modeling equitable interactions to ROOTS Participants.


Boy Groups

Activity 57: “Man Up!” The Boy Box (60 minutes)

Activity 58: “Man Up!” The Boy Box (12+) (60- 90 minutes)

Activity 59: My Male Privilege (45-60 minutes)

Activity 60: Toxic Masculinity Comic Strip (45-60 minutes)

Girl Groups

Activity 61: “Act Like a Lady!” The Girl Box (60 minutes)

Activity 62: “Act Like a Lady!” The Girl Box (12+) (60-90 minutes)

Activity 63: Breaking the Status Quo (45-60 minutes)

Activity 64: Damsel in Distress Comic Strip (45-60 minutes)

Activity 65: Speak Up! Be Heard. (60-90 minutes)

Activity 66: Being Assertive (45-60 minutes)