Enriching Program Elements

The following program elements, although not required, have been previously applied and well received by program Participants. We highly encourage Facilitators to adopt as many elements as possible for instructional enrichment.

Community Partnerships:

It is beneficial to have partnerships with local organizations and service providers should a Participant and/or their family need a referral to free or low-cost programs. You will be working closely with Participants and assessing their physical, mental, and academic needs. It is integral to refer a Participant to social services such as free or low-cost meals, health care, or mental health services, if the need arises. Representatives from these community organizations can be invited to Project ROOTS as guest speakers.

Daily Attendance Sheet:

Sign-in sheets are recommended for each. A sign-in sheet should include the date of the session, the topics covered, and a name and initials field for Participants.

Field Trips:

Field trips can offer educational and socially engaging opportunities! Field trips must be planned with attention to budget, transportation needs, and other logistics. Additional permission slips may be necessary for field trips (Please refer to Appendix A for a Field Trip Guide).


The purpose of a graduation ceremony is to acknowledge the completion of the program and the Participants’ active participation. A graduation ceremony should take place on the program’s final meeting date. Graduation eligibility may be determined at your discretion, but it is recommended that certificates be awarded to Participants that have attended a majority of the sessions (Please refer to Appendix A for a sample Graduation Guide).