Group Collaboration

One of the most important components of the ROOTS prevention education and empowerment program is to bring together the girl and boy specific groups during particular sessions. In this space, they may discuss and dialogue on certain themes and topics that effect both gender groups. It is important to initially separate the groups to foster a safe, trusting environment where both genders feel comfortable to openly discuss their experiences. However, it is equally as important to break prescribed binary roles by bringing the groups together to encourage communication, empathy and respect, and overall egalitarian relationships. If your site is able to offer both girl and boy specific groups, the following activities specifically designed for group collaboration. 

Project ROOTS has documented benefits of same-sex groups with Facilitators of the same sex who serve as “gender-equitable role models.” To achieve greater, community-level results, a site should simultaneously implement two same-sex Project ROOTS groups, one for youth who identify as boys and one for girls. As previously iterated, it is critical to the program that each identified group have a separate and safe space where they may openly engage via participatory learning. After sharing their experience in same-sex groups, Facilitators may then pair to facilitate the joint activities in this section of the toolkit; thereby modeling equitable interactions to ROOTS Participants.

Activity 67: Mirror, Mirror on the Wall (60-90 minutes)

Activity 68: The Boy Box vs. The Girl Box (60 minutes)

Activity 69: “Let’s Play Ball!”  (12+) (60 minutes)

Activity 70: No Means Yes…?  (60 minutes)

Activity 71: Pinocchio and Cinderella - Labor Trafficking (60 minutes)

Activity 72: Who are the Victims?  (12+) (60-90 minutes)

Activity 73: The Words We Use (12+) (60 minutes)

Activity 74: Pimps and Hos (60 minutes)